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Micro-Current Therapy

As our body changes with age, each decade affects and influences our health, vitality, energy and ability to create new healthy cells. Our health is influenced by many factors such as injury, stress, toxins, infections, scars, emotions, and hormonal imbalances. 


Microcurrent is a Nobel Prize-winning, FDA-approved, and clinically-proven therapy for pain management and anti-aging. The Myopulse microcurrent technology was developed to precisely mimic the body's electrical properties; it literally re-boots your biological electrical system. 


Microcurrent Therapy works at the cellular level to stabilize the cells and transform the body from the inside out.  We all stop producing collagen and elastin early in life. Microcurrent stimulates and increases the production and storage of collagen and elastin, increases the newly-formed collagen's thickness by 10%, increases the number of new elastin fibers by 45%, and increases the length of elastin fibers by 50%.  Collagen and elastin are necessary for firm, tight, and wrinkle-free skin. Microcurrent is unlike any other cell therapy in that it re-educates the facial muscles for a true nonsurgical facelift that will only improve over time. 

Myopulse Micro Current Therapy is one of the most advanced and safest facial technologies available, backed by over 30 years of clinical results. The Myopulse Treatment technology utilizes proprietary “carrier waves” that assesses the electronic damage of tissue. The treatment balances the tissue by re-establishing the delicate electrical balance of the cells, putting the autonomic nervous system into rest, which is an environment required by the body to “heal” or repair.

The treatment is completely painless and non-invasive

with No Downtime!

Unlock a deeply restorative practice for your body, on a single-treatment or package basis.  

Medical benefits of Micro-Current Therapy:  Myopulse - The Non Surgical Face & Neck Lift.

Treats wrinkles, fine lines, crepy skin on face and neck, puffy eyes, acne, rosacea, scaring, broken capillaries and pigmentation. Get an immediate lift, tone and brightening of the skin for a more youthful complexion. 

  • Increases ATP by 500% - The 'Power House' and 'fuel' in every cell

  • Used clinically in the treatment of pain, depression, sleep disorders and hypertension.

  • Increases blood circulation by 40% allowancing more oxygen to surrounding tissues to speed the elimination of toxins.

  • Reboots electrical system in whole body aiding in faster healing and recovery time

  • Increases cellular turnover and regeneration dramatically

  • Stimulates advanced collagen and elastin production with long lasting results

  • Reduces stress, inflammation and toxins helping with autoimmune disorders

  • Decreases and opens scar tissue formation that can block flow of healing. ie  scars from tattoos!

  • Heals injuries 6 times faster

  • Increases glucose NeoGenesis, allowing more glucose to be available to the brain

  • Increases Lymphatic drainage and reduces inflammation- the number one cause of pain.

  • Decreases toxins, heavy metals in the body and detoxes the liver

  • Increases production of brain neurotransmitters such as dopamine, Nor-epinephrine and serotonin helping people who suffer from depression, panic attacks, addictions and sleeping disorders

  • Reduces muscle, back pain, neck and joint pain and migraines

  • Reverses or stops macular degeneration when paired with the Tennant transducer.


Your whole body benefits from receiving micro-current! Not only will you will look and feel amazing right after your treatment, expect the bonus release of stress, complete relaxation and overall sense of well being!


*Contraindication: clients with heart pace maker.*

What health practitioners are saying about the Myopulse Micro Current Facial!

"As a medical doctor, I have incorporated the use of the Myopulse Facial into my wellness centre. I continue to find new ailments that the Myopulse helps. Not only does it help with chronic pain caused by trauma, surgery or repetitive strain but it also excellent for anti-aging, stress, insomnia, anxiety and many skin conditions." - Marianna Switchuk MD.

“When treating facial wrinkles, the goal is to strengthen and plump the skin and relax underlying muscles to prevent the skin from being folded on itself,”  says Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. “The concept here is that a low-grade electric charge over the skin enhances activity of skin cells and helps increase collagen production.

“In my 25 years in the medical field I’ve never seen anything like [microcurrent therapy] healing-wise,” says LA-based microcurrent expert Mila Morgan, a former nurse anesthetist and now considered a “miracle worker” among the Hollywood elite. “It has changed my Western medical thinking completely.”

“We need to reboot our electrical system and that current is the key to healing.” 

“Micro-current will change how we look at healing in the future” 

“Microcurrent rapidly restores cell energy,” says Anne Kelly, MD, medical director at the Holland Biomedical Clinic and Minnesota Hyperbaric Treatment Center. “It’s like recharging the car’s battery and putting fuel in the tank.”

“Microcurrent is an amazing tool for healing damaged tissue everywhere in the body,” says Kelly. “I find it particularly beneficial for muscle sprains with tissue swelling, chronic muscle pain, and inflammation.”


Medical Benefits of Micro-current therapy-Tennant Biomodulator & Scalar Transducer

  • Resets, corrects and reboots the body's depolarized circuits (flipped polarities) and organs to aid in optimal healing and rejuvenation.

  • Resets the Vagus Nerve - your rest and digest control center for the Autonomic Nervous System. Helping mange anxiety, depression, stress, digestion issues and sleeping disorders.

  • Recharges the Primary Voltage Circuit (Liver/Gall Bladder)

  • Resets the Autonomic Ganglia Circuit along the spine- regenerated new spinal fluid.

  • Activates the Fetal Wiring System- Turning on all the organs of the body's original wiring system found at the umbilicus

  • Total Body Recharge- Hand and foot plates recharge the body with micro current via the Tennant biomodulator. 

  • Treatment for: Pre/post-surgical healing, Chronic painPhysical trauma, acute injuries, Intractable pain patternsInflammation of all kinds, ArthritisChronic fatigue syndromeCraniosacral balancing, Lymphatic drainage, Delayed non-union of fracturesNeuromuscular/neurological disorders,  pain and inflammation of all kinds, chronic injuries and myofascial restrictions acute sprains, strains, sports injuries,  carpal tunnel, intractable pain patterns,  stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, addictions arthritis, tendinitis, muscle spasms, neuralgias, ulcers, burns, infections,  TMJ, headaches and migraines, Bell's Palsy, Meige Syndrome, autonomic imbalances, reflex sympathetic disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia non-surgical facial rejuvenation, neuromuscular, visceral, and systemic disorders, heel pain, shin splints,  delayed non-union of fractures, open wounds, Brain injuries -Trauma, concussions and strokeScar tissue- post-surgical scar tissue, Keloid scars, neuromas, edema, scars created by all Tattoos, any scar tissue internally and externally.

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