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Integrated Wellness
Day Spa


As our body changes with age, each decade affects and influences our health, vitality, energy and ability to create new healthy cells. Our health is influenced by many factors such as menopause, stress, toxins, infections, scars, emotional experiences, and hormonal imbalances.  


At Spa On Elm, we are confident that our professional, integrated and holistic approach to wellness is the paradigm to recovering from life's challenges. We offer natural, non-surgical personalized treatments using healing technologies.  

Renew your natural beauty 

Spa On Elm room with window, couch and chair. Including Spa On Elm Logo.
Spa On Elm treatment room.

Bring a Friend Sessions & Home Treatments upon request

Hours: Open By Appointment Only

Lisa Tommy
Certified Medical Spa Aesthetician
for 25 years &
Spa Owner 

For over 25 years, Lisa has worked in the Spa industry. Lisa operates Spa On Elm 'Integrated Wellness' Day Spa, offering a variety of Aesthetic services as well as treatments using Myopulse Current, Scalar Energy to promote healing.


Lisa at Spa On Elm entrance
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